During a gala evening at the Dutch Embassy in Berlin on Friday, 6 November 2015, the Kees Marcelis Studio Arnhem was declared the winner of the Finest Interior Award 2015 in the Business Office category for the ‘In Person in Enschede’ project.

Kees Marcelis and his partner, Judith Westgeest, were delighted with the prize, saying: “A prize like this is the crowning glory on your work.” Both of them are very proud. The exterior of In Person’s monumental property was completely restored. The old villa was transformed in a subdued way into a stunning, chique and characteristic property. The extension was ‘wrapped up’ in a perforated facade, giving it a futuristic appearance with stunning lighting effects, which suit the villa perfectly. The interior is the most colourful interior that Kees Marcelis and Judith Westgeest have ever produced, with trendy, stylish rooms and four striking glass boxes with an ascending order of colour. That makes the building extra special and inspiring. The end result is one of the most beautiful offices they have ever designed.

The story behind In Person in Enschede

The entire board of directors of In Person were intensively involved during the process, from the first sketches to the execution of the last details. The team from the Kees Marcelis Studio Arnhem faced many challenges in order to achieve a special result. The design was essential to the diffusion of the brand (and DNA) of In Person throughout the entire organisation. Visualisation of the brand perception in the new office constituted a fundamental part of this. The rooms in the new head office and regional office exude this in every way. This has ensured that the location not only has a stunning and inspirational appearance, but that it is also a place with palpable energy from day one – a great place to work and a place where both clients and employees love to come. The project was completed in July 2015.

Finest Interior Award

In order to meet the growing need for professional project design, Finest Spirit offers the Finest Interior Award every year to recognise the creative work of interior designers.