On 1 June 2016, the first day of Design District, the interior designer, Kees Marcelis, and furniture importer, FP Collection, jointly launched a new collection of ‘silent’ furniture. FP Collection, located in Wierden, Twente, had a stand set up for the launch that was entirely devoted to the new collection, which has been given the name ‘ssst … by Kees Marcelis’.

Kees Marcelis is distinguishable from the rest with his so-called silent designs. By looking at things in a different way and with his exceptional feeling for details, Kees can discern something unique in seemingly everyday things. By leaving out unnecessary details and additions and with his strong interplay of lines, his designs become relaxed, which at the same time gives them their unique character. On top of this, Kees is a wizard with lighting, a master of colours and an exceptionally good storyteller.

That is why Kees Marcelis is giving a lecture every day during Design District about his unique method of design and will tell you more about the new ssst … collection and how it came about. Of course, he will also talk in detail about his favourite works and where he gains his inspiration. Kees’ lecture is certainly to be recommended. If you are interested, just stop by the Michelangelo hall in Pand43 at the Taets site at 16:00 hours.

FP Collection’s ssst … by Kees Marcelis stand at S11 is also interesting. Some of the prototypes from the latest ssst … collection will be on display here. The ladies from FP Collection will be on hand to tell you all about them and to answer any questions. And if you come at around 15:00 hours then you can meet Kees Marcelis in person. The stand will be there until Friday, 3 June. We will then be open from 11:00 until 18:00 hours. On Thursday 2 June we will be open from 11:00 until 19:00 hours.