House of sports

What do you do if you hit a stumbling block when redesigning your office space and have no idea how to create a warm, welcoming environment? You go in search of an interior architect who can help you. That’s how we came into contact with Kees Marcelis and his team. After just two meetings, Kees showed us his drawings in which he had created a work environment with the homely feel implied by our company name, ‘House of Sports’, and which brought out the very best in us. We now have attractive collages of sports photos, cupboards that subtly blend into the walls and a welcoming kitchen area with a wooden table. Above all, the ambiance now exudes a sense of energy and everyone who comes here – whether customers, athletes or employees – quickly feels at home.

So it was logical for us to involve Kees in our plans for our new home too. It’s a house with a unique history and in a waterside location. It needed a lot of work doing to it and had to offer room for four children. Once again, Kees demonstrated that he knows how to look beyond the house in its current state, to enlarge spaces, to maximise the effect of the views and to combine the property’s authentic character with a stylish, modern extension. Warm colours and a clever lighting plan have made our home a place that puts a smile on the face of the whole family. Especially the extension and the sunny patio, which offers us views of the splendid garden to the rear and the River Amstel to the front, ensure that it’s a joy to live in this house every day.