Kees Marcelis

The world is interwoven with beauty, opportunities and possibilities. It’s all there, but you have to be able to recognise it.

You can look, but can you also see

Kees Marcelis (interior architect) involves you so you can experience it for yourself. He is a thinker and a dreamer. He is a man who continues to surprise himself (and others), because he looks at the world in a different and unique way. He sees how reality could look and knows that everything – from a building’s lines to the delicate veins in the leaves of a tree – contains an element of beauty. Beauty is interwoven in everything around us, but it is up to us to recognise it.

Everyone can look, but can they also really see? Seeing, experiencing and absorbing – Kees Marcelis can perceive something special in the seemingly mundane, not least thanks to his keen eye for detail. It all depends on how you look at something and what you focus on. Viewing objects and spaces from a different angle or zooming in on a particular aspect can give them a new meaning. He draws other people into his dream until it becomes their dream too.

Kees Marcelis has more than 25 years of professional experience. Over the years, he has developed his own unique style, which is characterised by exceptional simplicity. He knows how to make optimal use of space and he conjures with natural light. His strong sense of lines infuses his designs with tranquillity, strength and character. In addition, he is a master with colour. Kees Marcelis is someone who enjoys life to the full. He is a good listener but also a wonderful storyteller.