Our vision is ‘By looking in a different way, you see more!’

Studio Kees Marcelis is a studio for (interior) architecture and design.

In the client’s shoes

Every project starts with Kees Marcelis listening to the client and putting himself in their shoes. Kees Marcelis and his team have a unique perspective on the world and they are keen to share it. By looking in a different way, you see more! They elevate the mundane to a new level. From their perspective, they help people to look at their own surroundings differently and they involve their clients in that process. They see how reality could look and they know that everything – from a building’s lines to the delicate veins in the leaves of a tree – contains an element of beauty.

By asking fundamental questions and by truly connecting with the client’s world, Kees Marcelis explore each and every opportunity. They use this as the basis for their analysis in order to identify the essence of the project. Once this has been established, the design phase can start.

Our clients

We work for both corporate clients and consumers.

Our partners

For each project, we work with a regular team of experts specialised in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, product design and sustainability. Along with the client’s own specialists, we all collaborate to achieve the optimal result. We also have a network of suppliers and manufacturers who are equally focused on quality and customer satisfaction and who work with us to devise solutions.

Our view of the future

These are changing times, of which our organisation also forms a part. The economy of the future must be better and more sustainable, but we all continue to cling to what has got us this far. As a company, we are also working to adapt to the changes by taking an open, inquisitive and entrepreneurial approach and by staying up to date on the very latest developments in our professional field.